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Showa Izakaya – Los Angeles

Showa Izakaya is a casual drinking establishment (similar to a pub), serving tapas style food that’s meant to be shared among friends. Once inside the point is to have fun. The perfect place to unwind after a hard day’s work while sharing stories and laughing non-stop for hours. Showa offers comfort, plenty of laughter and amazing food.  The only Japanese style Izakaya in Koreatown with sister restaurant Musha in Santa Monica



1. Vongole Udon 8.75
Asari clams and mushrooms with garlic, butter, and
sake udon

2. Asari Garlic 9.25
Sauteed asari clams and mushrooms in our garlic butter sauce

3. Baguette Gratin 6.25
French baguette stuffed with bay scallops, onions and white sauce with melted cheese

4. Buta Kimchee 6.45
Stir fried pork with kimchee and mushrooms with a touch of sake

5. Burikama 9.75
Broiled yellowtail collar with ponzu sauce

6. Cheese Risotto 9.65
Creamy Japanese brown rice with bacon and onions served in cheese block

7. Anago Meshi 7.75
Sea eel, hijiki seaweed and mitsuba leaf mixed rice and grilled in stone bowl

8. Takotama 7.45
Japanese omelette with octopus, leeks, ginger and bonito broth with original sauce

9. Aski 6.45
Sauteed asparagus and assorted mushrooms with garlic and butter

10. Duck Ponzu 7.45
Well seared duck thinly sliced with oroshi and special ponzu sauce

11. Buta Kakuni 7.75
Pork belly boiled for 4 hours for tenderness and serviced with potato and egg

12. Yaki Udon 8.45
Stir fried with pork, mushrooms, green onions and cabbage

13. T.K.U 7.75
Udon pasta with cod roe and buttor topped with kimchee, nori and shiso leaf

14. Sisyamo 4.50
Broiled smelt fish

15. Sanma 5.75
Grilled pike mackerel


1. Hamachi Sashimi 8.45
7 pieces yellowtail sashimi

2. Salmon Sashimi 7.95
7 pieces of salmon sashimi

3. Maguro Sashimi 7.95
7 pieces tuna sashimi

4. Sashimi Combo 17.50
Mix sashimi 12 pieces

5. Aburi Shime Saba 6.45
Marinated mackerel sliced and torched at your table

6. Beef Tataki 9.75
Seared beef with truffle sauce

7. Maguro Tataki 8.45
Pan seared peppered tuna with ponzu sauce

8. Salmon Carpaccio 6.75
Salmon sashimi with daikon, seaweed and special sauce

9. Tuna Poke 5.75
Hawaiian style tuna and seaweed in special ponzu sauce

10. Lobster Roll 9.45
No rice lobster and masago with cucumber and avocado

11. Hamachi Jalapeno 8.75
Yellowtail sashimi with spicy jalapeno and black caviar


1. Edamame 4.50
2. Spicy Garlic Edamame 5.45
3. Rice 2.50
4. Miso Soup 2.50


1. Tofu Salad 4.50
Mixed greens, tofu with sesame dressing

2. Harusame Salad 5.75
Mixed greens, bean noodle and chicken in special house dressing

3. Snow Crab Salad 7.00
Snow crab meat, sliced radish, mixed greens with special house dressing

4. Spicy Tuna Salad 9.25
Fresh tuna with secret spicy sauce over mixed greens in crispy bowl

5. Crushed Cucumber Salad 3.75
Cucumber in spicy sesame oil dressing


• Thigh
• Meatball

• Liver
• Thigh w/ negi
• Nankotsu (cartilage)

• Kobe Beef
• Scallops

• Chicken wings
• Bacon wrapped asparagus
• Beef Tenderloin
• Pork Sausage


1. Ebi Mayo 5.95
Fried shrimp with special sweet and spicy mayo sauce

2. Takoyaki 5.80
Deep fried octopus dumplings

3. Oyster Fry 6.25
Deep fried oyster

4. Fried Chicken 6.45
Soy sauce marinated chicken fried and served with daikon and ponzu

5. Potato Croquette 3.75
Mashed potatoes seasoned, breaded and deep fried

6. Beef Croquette 5.25
Beef and mashed potatoes seasoned, breaded and deep fried

7. Nan Kotsu 4.75
Fried chicken cartilage

8. Tofu Nugget 5.25
Tofu and vegetable fried nuggets served with mayonnaise and chili sauce


Ice Cream 3.75
Choose one flavor - Vanilla, Green Tea, or Black Sesame


Soda 2.50
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite

Calpico Water 2.50
Calpico Soda 2.50
Hot Green Tea 2.50

Iced Tea 2.50
Green tea, Oolong tea

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