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Salsa – Nashville

Salsa is proud to be the first authentic Puerto Rican restaurant in Nashville. We believe you will love our farm to table inspired menu with fresh local ingredients and the touch of deeply rooted Latin flavors. Our chef brings his knowledge and experience from the culinary capital of the Caribbean and delivers it right to your table.

Salsa, also the name of the lively musical genre typical of Puerto Rico, comprised of Puerto Rican and Cuban rhythms and danced all over the world is what at Salsa restaurant in Music City combines with the exotic tastes of the Caribbean cuisine to create an atmosphere that will enchant your visit.

You’ll love our lively, modern, friendly, enchanting atmosphere, our knowledgeable staff, and our extensive list of wine, beer and Puerto Rican cocktails.

Come join us for lunch and dinner, you will feel en Su Casa at Salsa!

Happy Hour
Monday - Friday 3pm - 6pm

$4 Cocktails
Don Qba Libre

$4 Appetizers
Empanadillas De Carne
Black Bean Hummus

$10 Puerto Rican Sampler
(Empanadillas De Carne, Black Bean Hummus, Sorullos)

Salsa Lunch Menu
Menu and pricing subject to change

GF 1/4 Rotisserie Chicken with Rice and Beans 10

​GF Chicharrones de Pollo 8
(Well-seasoned fried chicken with rice and beans)

Spicy Chicken Sandwich 9

Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich 8

Spicy Burger 10

Blue CheeseStuedd Burger 11

Breaded Grouper Sandwich 8

Criollo Steak Sandwich 8

Tripleta 12

​GF Veggie Pita 8

Salsa Menu
Menu and pricing subject to change


Empanadillas de Carne 8
(Bite size ground beef turnovers)

GF V Empanadillas de Jueyes 8
(Bite size Crab meat turnovers)

Sorullos de Maiz 8
(Sweet corn fritters)

Rellenos de papa 8
(Ground beef stuffed potato puff)

Black Bean Hummus 9
Hummus with Pita Bread or Carrots 9

Hummus with Churrasco 14

Croquetas de Garbanzo 8
(Chickpea Croquettes)

Wings 8 (5) 15 (10)
(Buffalo, dry or BBQ)

Spinash Dip 8

Shrimp in Creamy Garlic Sausace 14

Herb Breaded Fried Calamari with Cilantro Aioli 10

Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna 14

Mahi Mahi Ceviche 15

Puerto Rican Sampler 17
(Empanadillas de Carne (3), Black Bean Hummus and (4) Sorullos (4)


GF V Ensalada de Garbanzos y Habichuelas 7
(Chickpeas and beans salad)

GF V SALSA Salad 12
(Romain, fresh mozzarella, tomato and guacamole)

Caesar Salad 7
(Homemade dressing)

GF V House Salad 5
(Lettuce, bell peppers, onions and tomato)

GF V Walnut and Bleu Cheese Salad 10
(Lettuce, walnuts and cheese)

​GF V House Dressings; Balsamic Vinagrette,
​GF V Mango Salad Dressing and Honey Lemon

Add Grilled Chicken Breast for 4
Add Churrasco for 6
Add Grilled Shrimp for 8

Soups are served with garlic bread

GF V Vegetarian Pigeon Peas Soup 8

Asopao de Pollo 8
(Chicken and rice soup)

Asopao de Camarones 10
(Shrimp and rice soup)



​GF Pastelón de Vegetales 15
(Puerto Rican Style: Sweet plantains and spinach lasagna)

Pasta Primavera 15
(Sauteed vegetables on a bed of linguine with a creamy garlic sauce)


​GF ​Ropa vieja 17
(Cuban-style : Very well-seasoned pulled flank steak)

​GF Churrasco with Tamarind and Ginger Sauce 18

​GF Pastelón de Amarillos 15
(Puerto Rican Style: Sweet plantain and ground beef lasagna)


Carne Frita 17
(Puerto Rican Style fried pork with pork demi glazed onions)

Chuleta Can Can "When available" 23
(Whole center cut pork chop with our house mojo sauce)

Pernil 18
(Puerto Rican Style slow roasted pork)


​​GF 1/2 Pollo Asado 16
(1/2 rotisserie chicken)

Chicharrones de Pollo 14
(Well seasoned fried chicken)

Arroz con Pollo 16
(Very flavorfull yellow rice with chicken)

Fricase de Pollo 16
(Chicken stew)

Chicken Linguine Alfredo 16


Mahi Mahi 18
(Al ajillo, blackened, criolla or lemon butter)

Black Peppercorn Ahi Tuna 17

Lemon Honey Glazed Grilled Salmon 18

Shrimp Linguine Alfredo 16

Mofongo Relleno de (Stuffed Mofongo-made with mashed unripe plantains and served with your option of):

Pollo 15

Churrasco 20
(Skirt steak)

Ropa Vieja 18

V Vegetables 15

Carne Frita 20

Shrimp 22

See Food 24
(Mix of shrimp, fish, calamari and mussels)

All specialties comes with your choice of garlic sauce, criolla sauce or aji (spicy)

Trip Through Puerto Rico 28
(Ideal for sharing and served with two sides)
Choose three items from the following options: Pastelon de amarillos, carne frita, ropa vieja or pernil.


​​GF Arroz Blanco con Huevo 7
(White rice with egg)

Cheese Pizza 5

Chicken Fingers with Fries 6

Alfredo Pasta 5
(With Chicken 7)


Arroz Blanco y Habichuelas 6
(White rice and green beans)

Arroz Mampostiao 5
(Mixed rice with beans)

Mofongo 5
(Made with mashed unripe plantain with garlic and butter served in a half dome shape)

​V Tostones 5
(Fried unripe plantains. Traditional latin style)

​V Sweet plantains 5

​GF Majado de Yuca 5
(Mashed Yucca)

V Mofongo de Yuca 5
(Mashed yucca seasoned with garlic and olive oil deep-fried and served in a half-dome shape allowing the mashed consistency in the inside and crispy on the outside)

​V Sautéed Vegetables 5
​GF V Steam Vegetables 5
​GF Homemade Fries 5


Flan de Coco 7
(Coconut custard)

Tres Leches 7

Tembleque 6
(Coconut pudding)

Sampler of All Three 10


Chalala 7
(Don Q Limon with cranberry and a squeeze of lime)

Chichaito (Shot) 6
(Don Q crystal with anis) Shot

Padras 7
(Don Q Limon with cranberry and orange juice)

Don Qba Libre 6
(Don Q, crystal with coke and a squeeze of lime)

Limoncillo 6
(Don Q crystal with lemonade)

Coquito 5
Piña Colada no rum 6 / with 8

Red Sangria 8

White Sangria 8

Passion Fruit Sangria 8

Margarita 10

GF Gluten Free
V Veggie

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