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A’Float Sushi – Pasadena

We offer amazing sushi, Japanese cuisine and Asian fusion. A wide variety of choices from entrees, side dishes, sashimi, sushi, noodle dishes and more. We combine great service, fresh ingredients and a tranquil setting ensure you’ll have a wonderful overall experience!

Our Sushi Boats offer a wide variety of choices. So many choices, that we cannot include them all on the menu! Do you have a special request, dietary needs are dining with a picky eater? We can make unique creations and special requests to fit your dining choices.

Did you say dessert? Our selection varies, but you might see fruit tart, cheesecake, tiramisu, mochi, sesame balls, banana tempura, fried ice cream and more!

A’Float Sushi - Pasadena - Menu
Menu and prices subject to change

Sushi Combination - Party Trays

Decorated Sushi Tray A (36 Pcs) For 2-3 persons $43.50
Decorated Sushi Tray B (60 Pcs) For 4-5 persons $64.50

Lunch Special
Monday to Friday 11:00am - 3:00pm, except Holidays.

A. Chicken Teriyaki $7.95
B. Salmon Teriyaki $8.95
C. Mixed Tempura $8.95
D. Shrimp Tempura (5 pcs) $8.95
E. Beef Teriyaki $9.95
F. Soba Shioyaki $9.95
G. Salmon Kama $8.95

All Lunch specials above come with soup, rice, salad and one choice of: 1 - shrimp sushi (1 pc), California roll (3 pcs) or 2 - spicy tuna roll (4 pcs) or 3 - salmon teriyaki roll.

H. Suhi Combo with Soup (9 pcs) $9.95
I. Sashimi Combo with Soup and Rice $9.95

J. Udon Noodle Soup with a choice of: $7.50
(1) Shrimp tempura egg & mushroom
(2) Chicken & mushroom
(3) Vegetable tempura

Served all day, includes soup salad & rice (for items 1-9)

1. Chicken Teriyaki $7.95
Broiled chicken in teriyaki sauce.

2. Beef Teriyaki $11.95
New York steak. Broiled beef in teriyaki sauce.

3. Salmon Teriyaki $10.35
Broiled salmon in teriyaki sauce.

4. Tempura $9.95
Deep-fried shrimp and vegetables or vegetables only.

5. Shrimp Tempura (7 Pcs) $9.95
Deep-fried shrimp.

6. Tonkatsu $9.95
Deep-fried pork with bread crumb.

7. Chicken Katsu $8.95
Deep-fried chicken with bread crumb.

8. Saba Shioyaki $9.95
Broiled mackerel (lightly salted).

9. Sashimi $11.95
Two kinds of Today's fish.

10. Two of Any Entree Combination (1-9) $16.95

11. Three of Any Entree Combination (1-9) 21.95

12. Chirashi Sushi $13.95
With soup. Sashimi on the sushi rice.

13. Unagi Don $12.95
With soup. Fresh water eel.

Salad & Soup

Green Salad $3.50
Salmon Skin Salad $5.95
Raw Fish Salad $10.95
Miso Soup or Rice $1.65
Asari Soup (Clam soup) $3.95

Dobin Mushi $5.50
Two or more. Tea pot soup. Allow 20 minutes.

Chawan Mushi $4.50
Two or more. Steamed egg. Allow 20 minutes.

Chicken Ramen Soup With egg $7.95

Udon Soup
With choice of one. $7.95
1. Shrimp Tempura, Egg & Mushroom
2. Chicken & Mushroom
3. Vegetable Tempura


Soft Shell Crab $5.95
Baked Yellowtail Collar $9.95
Baked Salmon Collar $5.95
Agedashi (Fried tofu) $3.85
Hiyayakko (Cold tofu) $2.85

BBQ Chicken $2.88
Chicken on skewer.

Green Mussel $2.88
Baked mussel.

Gyoza (Dumpling) $2.88

Takoyaki $3.48
Fried Octopus ball

Shishito Pepper $2.88
Sauteed sweet chili pepper.

Jalapeno Bomb $3.48
Jalapeno stuffed with cream cheese and crab meat.

Scallop Rumaki $3.98
Scallop wrapped with bacon.

Kaki Tempura $3.98
Deep fried oyster.

Veggie Spring Roll $3.98

Baked Salmon Belly $3.98

Popcorn Lobster $3.98
Deep fried mini lobster.

Dynamite Sm $3.98 Lg $6.58
Baked scallop with mushroom and onion.


Green Tea Ice Cream $1.95
Tempura Ice Cream $3.95
Sesame Ball (4 Pcs) $3.98
Mochi Cake (3 Pcs) $3.98

Mochi Ice Cream (2 Pcs) $3.98
Green tea, vanilla, strawberry, mango, chocolate.


Sake (Salmon) $6.58
Hamachi (Yellowtail) $6.58
Maguro (Tuna) $6.58
Shiro Maguro (White tuna) (albacore) $6.58
Maguro Tataki (Tuna tataki) (seared tuna) $6.58
Saba (Mackerel) $6.58
Tako (Octopus) $6.58
Hokkigai (Surf clam) $6.58
Ika (Squid) $6.58

Poke Salad $6.58
(Choice of tuna or salmon)

Amaebi (Sweet shrimp) $11.95
Sea Urchin $14.95

Combination Sashimi (11 Pcs) $17.95
Assorted sashimi

Chef's Special Sashimi (22 Pcs) $34.95
Selected by the chef.

Hand Roll

California Hand Roll (1pc) $3.48
Crab meat and avocado.

Salmon Skin Hand Roll (1pc) $3.98
Crispy salmon skin and gobo.

Natto Hand Roll Healthy (1pc) $3.98
Fermented soy bean.

Spicy Tuna Hand Roll (1pc) $3.98
Spicy tuna and cucumber.

Spicy Salmon Hand Roll (1pc) $3.98
Spicy salmon and cucumber.

Unagi Hand Roll (1pc) $4.68
Fresh water eel and avocado.

Spider Hand Roll (1pc) $4.68
Soft shell crab, shrimp tempura and gobo.

Scallop Hand Roll (1pc) $4.68
Chopped scallop with mayo and masago.

Sushi a la Carte
Soy bean paper available upon request for $0.50

$1.98 PLATE

(C) Edamame Sushi
Soy bean.

(C) Inari Sushi (2 Pcs)
Fried bean cake.

(C) Kani Sushi (2 Pcs)
Crab meat.

(C) Tamago Sushi (2 Pcs)
Egg omelet.

(C) California Maki (2 pcs)
Crab and avocado roll.

(V) Kappa Maki (6 Pcs)
Cucumber roll.

(V) Umeshiso Maki (6 Pcs)
Plum paste and shiso leaf roll.

(V) Gobo Maki ( 6 Pcs)
Pickled burdock roll.

$2.88 PLATE

(C) Ebi Sushi (2 Pcs)
Cooked shrimp sushi.

(C) Futo Maki (2 Pcs)
Egg, dried gourd yamagobo, vegetable.

(V) Vegetable Roll (4 Pcs)
Avocado, cucumber, gobo, bean sprouts.

(V) Avocado Maki (6 Pcs)
Avocado roll.

(V) Kanpyo Maki (6 Pcs)
Dried gourd roll.

(V) Yamagobo (1 plate)
Pickled burdock.

$3.48 PLATE

(R) Sake Sushi (2 Pcs)

(R) Hamachi Sushi (2 Pcs)

(R) Maguro Sushi (2 Pcs)

(R) Maguro Sushi (2 Pcs)

(R) Shiro Maguro Sushi (2 Pcs)

(R) Maguro Tataki Sushi (2 Pcs)

(R) Maguro Tataki Sushi (2 Pcs)
Seared tuna.

(R) White Fish Sushi ( 2 Pcs)

(R) Raw Shrimp Sushi (2 Pcs)

(R) Hirame Sushi (2 Pcs)

(R) Hokkigai Sushi (2 Pcs)
Surf clam.

(R) Nigiham Sushi (2 Pcs)
Chop yellowtail with scallion.

(R) Ika Sushi (2 Pcs)

(R) Saba Sushi (2 Pcs)

(C) Unagi Sushi (2 Pcs)
Fresh water eel.

(R) Masago Sushi (2 Pcs)
Smelt egg.

(C) Tako Sushi (2 Pcs)

(C) Takomayo Sushi (2 Pcs)
Octopus salad.

(C) Ebimayo Sushi (2 Pcs)
Cooked Shrimp salad sushi.

(C) Chuka Kurage Sushi (2 Pcs)
Jelly fish.

(V) Okutone Sushi (2 Pcs)
Japanese vegetable.

(V) Natto Sushi (2 Pcs)
Fermented soy bean.

(V) Hiyashi Wakame Sushi (2 Pcs)
Seaweed salad.

(C) Country Roll (3 Pcs)
Shrimp tempura and crab.

(C) Salmon Skin Roll (4 Pcs)
Salmon skin cut roll.

(C) Ebi Maki (6 Pcs)
Cooked shrimp roll.

(R) Saba Maki (6 Pcs)
Mackerel roll.

(V) Sunomono (1 plate)
Cucumber salad.

$3.98 PLATE

(R) Kobashira Sushi (2 Pcs)
Chopped scallop with mayo and smelt egg.

(C) Mini Lobster Sushi (2 Pcs)

(C) Mini Lobster Roll (2 Pcs)
Mini lobster with soy bean paper.

(C) Spider Roll (2 Pcs)
Soft shell crab, shrimp tempura, crab meat, cucumber and gobo.

(C) A' Float Special Sushi (4 Pcs)
Eel, crab, and avocado roll.

(C) Tiger Roll (4 Pcs)
Cooked shrimp and avocado on crabmeat roll.

(C) Salmon Teriyaki Roll (4 Pcs)
Salmon teriyaki and cucumber roll.

(C) California Roll Tempura (4 Pcs)
Crabmeat avocado roll tempura with eel sauce on top.

(R) Philadelphia Roll (4 Pcs)
Salmon cream cheese roll.

(R) Spicy Tuna Roll (4 Pcs)
Spicy tuna and cucumber roll.

(R) Spicy Salmon Roll (4 Pcs)
Spicy salmon and cucumber.

(R) Tekka Maki (6 Pcs)
Tuna roll.

(R) Sake Maki (6 Pcs)
Salmon roll.

(R) Salmon Avocado Roll (6 Pcs)
Salmon avocado roll.

(R) Salmon Green Onion Roll (6 Pcs)
Salmon and green onion.

$4.68 PLATE and UP

(R) Spicy Salmon Salad (1 bowl)
Salmon and cucumber with special sauce.

(V) Hiyashi Wakame $4.68
Seaweed salad.

(R) Kaki (2 Pcs) $4.68
Raw oyster in half shell.

(C) Ankimo (2 Pcs) $4.68
Fish liver.

(R) Ikura Sushi (2 Pcs) $4.68 with quail egg $6.58
Salmon roe.

(R) Amaebi Sushi (2 Pcs) $8.95
Sweet shrimp. Free head fried.

(R) Uni Sushi (2 Pcs) $10.95 with quail egg $12.95
Sea urchin.

(R) Alaska Roll (4 pcs) $4.68 (whole) $8.99
Crab meat inside, salmon and avocado with spicy sauce on top.

(R) Mexican Roll (4 pcs) $4.68 (whole) $8.99
Spicy crab meat inside, with spicy salmon and jalapeno on top.

(C) Green Dragon (4 pcs) $4.68 (whole) $8.99
Spicy crabmeat inside, avocado and spicy mayo on top.

(C) Spicy Crabmeat Roll (4 pcs) $4.68 (whole) $8.99
Tempura spicy crabmeat roll.

(C) Honey Walnut Shrimp Roll (4 pcs) $4.68 (whole) $8.99
Walnut shrimp tempura and mayo.

(C) Caterpillar Roll (4 pcs) $4.68 (whole) $8.99
Crab meat and shrimp tempura inside, avocado with eel sauce on top.

(C) Golden Dragon (4 pcs) $4.68 (whole) $8.99
Crab meat and shrimp tempura inside, with spicy salmon on top.

(C) Dragon Roll (4 pcs) $4.68 (whole) $8.99
Shrimp tempura and crab meat inside, eel and avocado with eel sauce on top.

(R) Rainbow Roll (Whole) $9.95
Crab meat inside, assorted raw fish on top.

(R) Kame Roll (Whole) $9.95
Spicy tuna inside, white tuna and green onion on top with ponzu sauce.

(R) Japanese Scallop Roll (Whole) $9.95
Scallop with cucumber and green onion roll.

(C) Spicy Philadelphia Roll Tempura (Whole) $9.95
Cream cheese, spicy salmon tempura.

(C) Cooked (R) Raw Fish (V) Vegetable

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