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Pirates Cove – Elberta AL

What’s better than family fun by the bayou where you can enjoy the sun, sandy beach, and delicious food at your favorite local marina? Nothing, and you can find that perfect combination of satisfying food and fun at Pirates Cove Marina & Restaurant in Elberta, AL. Since 1957, this family owned restaurant has hosted events that get the entire community involved, and they have an expansive menu to serve even the pickiest eater. From the Cove Dog Olympics to the Illuminating FUN-raiser, bring your family and friends out to support great causes and have a good time. Events are family-friendly and even include music festivals and holiday parties. When it comes to lunch and dinner, you’d be hard-pressed to find tastier options than what they have at this restaurant. They offer meaty cheeseburgers, fiery buffalo wings, and delectable pizza at affordable prices. Regardless of your reasons for coming, you’re always welcome at Pirates Cove Marina & Restaurant.

Pirates Cove Menu
Menu and pricing subject to change


Cheeseburger 6.95
1/3 lb angus beef, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, and our special sauce

Fried Chicken 6.75
lightly breaded all white meat strips topped with lettuce, tomato, and mayo

Grilled Chicken 6.50
grilled chicken breast topped with lettuce, tomato, and mayo

Sausage & Kraut 6.95
grilled sausage with sauerkraut, grilled onions, and mustard

Hot Wings (5) 5.50 (10) 10.05
chicken wings drenched in our very own homemade hot sauce

Hotdog 3.86
topped with ketchup, mustard, relish, and onion

Chilidog 4,65
hotdog topped with chili, mustard, and onion

Corndog 3.25
jumbo state fair corndog

Chicken Fingers 7.30
lightly breaded all white meat strips 4 pcs

Platter Of Chicken 26.95
4-5 servings of chicken strips

salad dressings: ranch, blue cheese, italian

French Fries 2.65
potato wedge skin-on fries

Platter Of Fries 10.10
4-5 servings of fries

Onion Rings 3.70
beer battered onion rings

Platter Of Rings 12.34
4-5 servings of rings

Half N’ Half 11.75
4-5 servings of ½ fries, ½ onion rings

Salad 6.25
lettuce, tomato, mushroom, green peppers, onions, green olives, black olives, mozzarella.
add chicken grilled or fried 8.00

toppings: artichoke hearts, bacon, banana peppers, black olives, feta, fresh garlic, fresh mushroom, fresh tomatoes, fried chicken, green olives, green peppers, grilled chicken, ground beef, ham, sausage, sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella, onions, pepperoni, pineapples, spinach, jalapenos. sauces: marinara, olive oil, garlic butter, special sauce, wing sauce, blue cheese

Create your own:
10" 11.00
14" Cheese 16.00
10" Gluten Free 12.00

Toppings 10" 1.25 14" 1.75

Karnivorous Karl 10" 18.00 14" 29.90
chicken, sausage, pepperoni, ham, bacon, pineapple, tomato, garlic, feta, mozzarella

Paul’s Perfect Pizza 10" 14.50 14" 24.80
pepperoni, ham, sausage, green peppers, squeezed banana peppers & jalapeños, mozzarella

Lucia’s Luau 10" 14.00 14" 19.80
pepperoni, pineapple, feta, mozzarella

Jj’s Junk 10" 14.00 14" 23.55
blue cheese dressing, chicken fingers, grilled onions, bacon, mozzarella, and wing sauce on the side

Mel’s Garbage 10" 17.00 14" 27.00
artichoke hearts, banana peppers, black olives, mushrooms, green olives, jalapenos, onions,pepperoni, feta, mozzarella

Maryann’s Mess 10" 14.50 14" 22.50
artichoke heart, garlic, chicken, bacon, spinach, feta, mozzarella

Cove Burger 10" 17.00 14" 25.95
ground beef, special sauce, tomato, onion, cheddar cheese, fries, or onion rings

Or grab a slice
1 or 2 toppings 3.75
3 or more toppings 4.75

Disclaimer: Pricing and availability subject to change.

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