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Tavern On Vets – Kenner

Welcome to your neighborhood tavern! We receive many comments about our slogan, “A LOSER FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE”. It has several connotations. If you are friends with a loser, married to a loser, know a loser, work for a loser, or are related to a loser, then welcome. If you are looking at your friends and are not sure which one is the loser, then it could be you. Either way, pull up to the bar, order our fantastic wings and unforgettable sweet potato fries and begin sampling each of our 50 beers. By the end, you won’t care either way!

Tavern on Vets Menu
Menu and prices subject to change


Chicken Quesadilla Rolls 7.95
Cheesesticks 6.95
Onion Rings 7.95
Boudin Balls 7.95
Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers 7.95
Gator Balls 7.99
Fried Green Beans 6.95

Chicken Wings

(9) Wings (1) Sauce 9.95
(15) Wings (1) Sauce 13.50
(20) Wings (2) Sauce 17.80
(50) Wings (3) Sauce 44.50

Sweet Teriyaki
Kickin' Bourbon Molasses
Mango Habanero
Sweet Red Chili Glaze
Garlic Parmesan
Hickory Brown Sugar
Mango Cajun
Louisiana Fire
Lemon Pepper
Honey Mustard
Asian Spice Pepper

Gameday Nachos
Nacho chips served with chili, cheese, jalapenos, onions, black olives, and sour cream.
Nachos 7.95
Add chicken 10.95
Add steak 11.95
Just chips & salsa 3.75

Sweet Potato Fries 4.25
French Fries Idaho Potato Fried Golden Brown 3.75
Side Salad 2.25
Add: Chili 50¢ Cheese 50¢ Japapenos 50¢

The served with a heap of baked potato salad or a side salad.

Substitute fries 2.00 or onion rings 3.00 or sweet potato fries 3.00 or tots 3.00

Huge Grade A Ribeye Steak
Perfectly grilled on an open fire
Large 14.95
Regular 8.95
Add fried shrimp 4.50

5 Chicken Strips
Tender Chicken, Fried Golden Brown Waffles 7.95

Grilled Pork Chop
Juicy chops grilled to perfection 8.99


The Burger 6.99
Perfectly grilled on an open flame

Double Bypass Burger 12.95
2 half pound patties with bacon & cheese (shredded cheddar or pepper jack)

Double Bypass Burger 14.95
A pound and half
Not for the faint of heart

Hangover Burger 9.99
burger, egg (sunny side up), bacon and cheese (shredded cheddar or pepper jack)

Cowboy Burger 9.99
burger with sweet baby ray's BBQ sauce, onion rings and dressed

Hawaiian BBQ Burger 8.99
burger, BBQ sauce, cheddar or pepperjack cheese and grilled pineapple

Elvis Burger 8.99
burger, bacon, peanut butter and cheddar

Add ons
Chili 50¢
Cheese 50¢
Bacon 1.00
Fried Egg 2.00
Ranch 50¢
Jalapeno 50¢

Sandwiches / PoBoys

Ribeye Sandwich 9.95
Perfectly grilled on an open flame

Poboy Shrimp 9.95
Buffalo Shrimp 10.95

Chicken Sandwich 7.95
Tender chicken breast grilled on an open flame or deep fried.

Chicken Ranch Bacon Sandwich 8.99
Tender chicken breast grilled on an open flame or deep fried.

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Sandwich 9.99
Tender chicken breast grilled on an open flame, BBQ sauce, cheddar or pepperjack cheese, grilled pineapple or deep fried.

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