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Conola Grill & Sushi – Metairie

Colorado & Southern influences and the best little Sushi bar in town. We get our fresh fish & produce in daily and hand make everyting to order the way you like it. Conola is run by the owners, husband & wife chefs cooking your food, rolling your sushi, and greeting you as you walk in the door. We are locted in a Historical Old Metairie building that has been a restaurant for over 86 years that has a casual dinning setting with collected art work on the walls. Come dine with us, drink with us, soak up the history, and make new friends along the way!

Conola Grill Menu
Menu and prices subject to change


Soup of the Day 5/9

Green Chili 5/9

Roasted Cauliflower 8
Garlic & sweet pepper olive oil ,Shaved parmesan, goat cheese

Poutine 10
Hand cut fries smothered in green chili, cheddar, sour cream & green onion

Goat Cheese Fritters 10
Sweet onion & tasso jam, candied pecans

Crawfish Artichoke Dip 13
Grilled pita bread

Crabby Pimento Mac 14
Jumbo lump crab pimento cheese, French bread

Hippy Mac 8 (VG)
Veggie noodles, mixed veggie & cashew cheese sauce


Caesar 6
Romaine, shaved parmesan, garlic croutons & cilantro caser
Chicken 4, shrimp 6, tuna 8

House 6
Mixed greens, cabbage, carrots, red onion, cucumber
Chicken 4, shrimp 6, tuna 8

Honey Pecan Chicken 13
Mixed greens, cabbage, carrots, red onion, avocado, honey mustard

Fried Green Tomato Salad 11
mixed, fried green tomato, roasted corn, avocado
jumbo shrimp 6 chicken 4 roasted cauliflower 3

Served with coleslaw or French fries
Fresh fruit, Caesar, house salad or other side add 2

Chicken Club 12
Shredded chicken, pulled pork, bacon, romaine, tomato, swiss, and pepper jack cheese

Shrimp Po Boy 12
Green onion aioli, romaine, tomato, pickle, on French bread (grilled or fried)

Spicy Red Bean Wrap* 11 (VG)
House made red bean hummus, romaine, tomato cucumber, cabbage, red onion & spicy tahini sauce

Kat’s Wrap 13
Thai chicken, cabbage, coconut rice, steamed veggies and Thai BBQ sauce

Knuckle Sandwich* 12
Siracha buttermilk fried chicken, pickles, green onion aioli and coleslaw on a sesame brioche bun

Patty Melt 13
Ground chuck patty, grilled onion, bacon, cheddar, jack, swiss, American on whole wheat with tasso jam

Hog Alley Cubano 12
House smoked pulled pork, tasso, bacon, pickles, swiss and creole mayo, pressed on French bread

Build a Burger 11
8 oz. burger or grilled chicken breast on sesame brioche, cheddar, swiss, American pepper ace 50¢
Bacon, grilled onion, sautéed mushroom, fried onion, pimento cheese, peanut butter, green chili 1.00


Curry Rice Bowl 11 (VG)
Green curry vegetables with coconut rice, peanuts, & cilantro
Chicken 4, shrimp 6, baked tofu 2

Budah Bowl 12 (VG)
Potatoes Brabant, roasted cauliflower, brown rice, mixed greens, roasted corn, avocado and spicy tahini sauce

Short Ribs* 17
Red wine & apple cider boneless braised short ribs, au jus, coleslaw served over jalapeno cheddar grits

Redfish Napoleon 24
Grilled redfish served over jalapeno cheese grits & fried green tomato, toped with rosemary BBQ shrimp

Steak & Frittes 19
8 oz. prime New York Strip served with garlic parmesan Brabant potatoes, and tomato bourbon demi glace

Sesame Tuna 22
Sesame crusted ahi tuna served with coconut rice, cucumber salad, wasabi aioli and sweet chili soy

Crab Cakes 22
Two jumbo lump blue crab cakes served with roasted corn, miso arugula almond salad, and artichoke cream sauce

Shrimp & Grits 18
Rosemary BBQ jumbo gulf shrimp served over jalapeno cheddar grits

Meatloaf 15
Topped with tomato bourbon demi glace and crispy onions, served with red bell pepper mashed potatoes and green beans

Thai BBQ 15
Thai BBQ glazed chicken breast, served with coconut rice, steamed vegetables, cilantro and peanuts

Sides 5

Seasonal Vegetables
Roasted Cauliflower
Jalapeno Cheese grits
Green Beans
Rosemary Potatoes
Roasted Corn
Coconut Rice
Mac ‘n Cheese

Conola Shushi Menu
Menu and prices subject to change

Small Plates

Salmon Carpaccio 13
Thin slices of beef cured salmon with wasabi aioli and cilantro oil

Tuna Pagoda*12
Spicy tuna, avocado and Pico de Gallo tacked on wanton chips

Crawfish Jalapeno Poppers* 9
Tempura jalapeno boats topped with jalapeno cream cheese and spicy crawfish

Yellow Sumiso 16
Yellowtail sashimi with jalapenos and cilantro yuzu miso sauce

Veggie Poke* 8 (VG)
Siracha baked tofu, tomato, avocado, cucumber, red bell pepper, pickled daikon, mixed greens, sesame oil and ponzu

Tuna Poke 16
Chopped premium ahi, red onion, sesame oil, and ponzu over mixed greens and ponzu

Lemon Grass Chicken 7
Grilled lemongrass chicken skewers and cucumber salad


Miso Soup 3
Spicy 4

Edamame 4
Spicy 5

Seaweed Salad 5 (VG)

Sunomono 4 (VG)
Cucumber salad

Tako Sunomono 7
Marinated octopus over pickled cucumber salad


Sashimi Salad 18
Chef’s selection of sashimi, beets, daikon, and shiitakes over mixed greens with a citrus soy sauce

Baked Salmon 20
Crab Stuffed baked salmon with a sweet soy glaze served with a shiitake salad and ginger sesame dressing

Smokey 17
Smoked yellowtail, mixed greens, shitake, beets, fried lemon, sesame ginger soy

Poke Bowls
Any roll without rice and nori over your choice of vegetable for 2.00 upcharge

Cucumber Salad
Seaweed Salad
Mixed Greens

Signature Rolls

Ole Metry* 9
Spicy crawfish, jalapeno cream cheese and avocado

Triple Treat 13
Tuna salmon, yellowtail, cucumber and avocado topped with tobiko

Super Nova 12
Kani crab and asparagus topped with salmon, avocado and sweet soy sauce

Ms. Perfect 12
Spicy salmon and cucumber topped with Kani crab, sweet soy, dynamite sauce, and cruchies

Uptowner 15
Tempura shrimp, asparagus and avocado topped with tuna, garlic soy and sweet soy

Tsunami 13
Steamed shrimp, cucumber and avocado topped with sweet chili seared salmon

Crouching Dragon 13
Tempura shrimp, eel and cucumber topped with avocado and sweet soy

Cajun Sun* 14
Spicy crawfish and tempura asparagus topped with beet cured salmon, dynamite sauce, sweet soy nd tasso craklin

Yellow Crush 14
Tempura bell pepper, cream cheese and avocado topped with yellowtail, jalapeno and cilantro oil and sweet soy

All American 14
Kani crab, avocado and asparagus topped with filet mignon, cilantro oil and sweet soy

Rainbow 14
Kani crab and cucumber topped with salmon, tuna, yellowtail, steamed shrimp and avocado

Blushing Geisha 14
Beet cured Salmon, avocado, Pico de Gallo, mixed greens and jalapeno cream cheese lopped with cilantro oil

Rocky Mtn. 15
Smoked yellowtail, cream cheese and tempura avocado topped with sesame seared tuna, Pico de Gallo and garlic sweet soy

Spider 16
Tempura soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado and Kani crab topped with sweet soy

Traditional Rolls

Salmon 5

California 7
Kani Crab, cucumber, avocado and smelt roe

Tempura Shrimp 5

Snow Crab Crunchy 8
Kani crab, asparagus, and avocado topped with crunchies and dynamite sauce

Eel 8
BBQ Eel, cucumber and avocado

Tuna 6

Spicy Tuna & Avocado*7

Philly 7
Salmon, avocado and cream cheese

Yellowtail & Green Onion 6

Conola Philly 8
Beet cured salmon, avocado and cream cheese

Veggie Rolls

Cucumber & Avocado 3 (GV)

Tempura Asparagus 4 (VG)

Green Peace 9 (GV)
Tempura asparagus, shiitake, red bell pepper, avocado and mixed greens in soy paper with sesame ginger soy

The V.C.* 6 (GV)
Avocado, asparagus, marinated jackfruit, spicy tahini sauce and crunchies

Vegan Spicy Tuna* 5 (GV)
Spicy blanched tomatoes and avocado

Hot Hippie* 12 (GV)
Siracha baked tofu, avocado, broccoli, asparagus, green beans, red onion and carrot futamaki baked with spicy tahini sauce

Veggie Cali Roll 6(GV)
Avocado, cucumber and tofu crab mix topped with shaved broccoli

Nigiri 2pcs.

Tuna 6
Yellowtail 5
Salmon 5
Eel 7
Ebi (shrimp) 4
Cured Salmon 6
Octopus 6
Scallop 7

Sashimi 6pcs.

Tuna 15
Yellowtail 14
Salmon 12
Octopus 13
Sesame Tuna 16
Smoked Yellowtail 15

Sashimi Plate 26
2 of each fish

Hand Rolls
3 cone rolls per order

Traditional 12
Any three traditional rolls

Spicy* 14
Spicy tuna, spicy salmon and spicy crawfish

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