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Riccobono’s Peppermill – Metairie

When you visit Riccobono’s Peppermilll Restaurant, you’re in for a treat for the senses. Experience our fresh caught Gulf seafood, hand-cut beef filets, and superbly prepared Italian fare passed down through three generations of Riccobonos. Our menu is renowned for its ties to traditional New Orleans fare and a nod to the creative future.

Also open for breakfast and lunch daily, the Peppermill is the premiere destination in Metairie for breakfast meetings and “the place” to start the day. From Eggs Benedict to Pecan waffles or just some old fashioned scrambled eggs, the menu is extensive as is it delicious!

Our warm and charming atmosphere will instantly relax you while our attentive staff spoils you. Weekly menu specials offer unique flavors and pairings.

Riccobono’s Peppermill is the perfect destination for your breakfast meeting, lunch with the girls, or the next night out, whether an intimate dinner for two or a large group celebration.

!/2 price bottles of wine - Dinner only

Riccobonos Peppermill Breakfast Menu

Menu and prices subject to change


Canella Bellini $7.00
italian prosecco blended with peach juice and pulp

Cupid’s Delight $7.00
fresh raspberries, raspberry liqueur and champagne

Irish Coffee $7.00
with jameson irish whiskey, whipped cream, and cream de menthe

Jamaican Coffee $7.00
tia maria & fresh brewed coffee

Bloody Mary, Mimosa, Screwdriver $7.00

Peppermill Coffee $7.00
sambuca milano blended with fresh brewed coffee

Tequila Sunrise $8.00
French 75 $9.00

Fat Mary $13.00
Peppermill’s famous Bloody Mary, Stoli Vodka, Pickled Green Beans, Olives and finished with 3 Golden Fried Oysters

Specialty Dishes

Crabcake Benedict $16.00
two poached eggs atop our famous jumbo lump crab cakes, laced with our homemade hollandaise; served with potatoes

Eggs Benedict $13.00
two poached eggs atop canadian bacon & a toasted english muffin, topped with our homemade hollandaise; served with potatoes

Eggs Sardou $14.00
another take on the benedict. poached eggs set atop creamed spinach & artichoke hearts on an english muffin topped with hollandaise; served with potatoes

Eggs Pontchartrain $15.00
our blend of crawfish, mushrooms, & green onions compliment two poached eggs set atop an english muffin laced with hollandaise; served with potatoes

Liver and Onions $11.00
char-grilled liver with caramelized onions, served with grits & toast

Hash Stack $14.00
2 poached eggs set atop corned beef hash cakes, laced with our homemade hollandaise: served with grits

prepared with 3 farm fresh eggs served with your choice of grits or potatoes & toast or a homemade biscuit

Crawfish Sauté $13.00
crawfish, mushrooms, & green onions

Three Sisters $10.00
cheddar, american, & mozzarella

All American $10.00
ham & american cheese

Western $10.00
ham, onion, bell pepper, tomato, & cheddar

Mediterranean $11.00
creamed spinach & artichoke hearts, tomatoes, onions, mozzarella and feta

Sausalito $10.00
sauteed fresh spinach, mushrooms, green onions, garlic, & mozzarella

Stuffed Crab $14.00
our delicious jumbo lump crab stuffing folded into a fluffy omelette topped with crabmeat bordelaise

Cali $12.00
Turkey, tomato swiss & avocado

Belgian Waffles & Pancakes

Pecan $8.00

Strawberry $8.00
topped with a delightful strawberry sauce & whipped cream

Blueberry $8.00
topped with homemade blueberry sauce & whipped cream

Plain $7.00

Silver Dollar $5.00

2/2/3 $10.00
2 eggs as you like, 2 pieces of bacon, 3 silver dollar pancakes

On the Side

Bacon (4) $4.00
Sausage Patties (2) $3.00
Grilled Ham Steak $4.00
Grilled Turkey Steak $4.00
Potatoes $2.00
Bagel with Cream Cheese $3.00
Corned Beef Hash $5.00
Single Pancake $3.00

English Muffin $3.00
w/ cream cheese

Grits small $2.00 / large $3.00

Toast (rye) $3.00

Biscuit(1) $2.00 / (2) $3.00
Sliced Tomato $2.00
One Egg $2.00
Toast (white or wheat)$2.00

Eggs Any Style
served with potatoes or grits & toast or a biscuit

2 Eggs As You Like $7.00
2 Eggs with Sausage Or Bacon $9.00
2 Eggs with Grilled Pork Chop $10.00
2 Eggs with Canadian Bacon Or Ham Steak $10.00

Low-Fat Breakfast

Cereal $3.00
w/ banana $3.50
Plain Oatmeal $3.00

Low Carb Breakfast $9.00
3 eggs any style, bacon or sausage, & sliced tomato

Oatmeal Plus $5.00
with fresh banana, raisins, & whole wheat toast

Fruit Cup/Fruit Bowl $4.00 $6.00

Riccobonos Peppermill Dinner Menu
menu and prices subject to change


Fried Eggplant 9.00
Fried Eggplant
served with Italian red gravy

Fried Calamari 9.00
served with Italian red gravy or honey mustard

Creamy Crawfish Dip with Crostin 11.00
tender crawfish pan sautéed with fresh green onions and our house seasoning blend, gently folded into our creole cream sauce, served with buttered crostini

Oysters Riccobono 11.00
succulent oysters, fresh mushrooms, garlic, and olive oil sprinkled with breadcrumbs and Italian cheese; baked in casserole to perfection

Artichoke Casserole 9.00
Tender artichoke hearts smothered in house made seasoned breadcrumbs, olive oil, and romano cheese; baked en casserole

Caprese Salad 9.00
Vine Ripe Tomatoes layered with Fresh Mozzarella and Basil laced with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Glaze

Crabmeat Angelique 11.00
Choice lump crabmeat and angel hair pasta folded into our delicate Alfredo that has been kissed with a touch of sweet roma tomatoes

Grilled Chicken 13.00
with spaghetti bordelaise

Shrimp Vinnie 9.00
Creole boiled shrimp folded into a creamy remoulade, served with avocado atop a bed of romaine lettuce


Crawfish Bisquecup 7.00
bowl 10.00
Creole Seafood Gumbocup 7.00
bowl 10.00
Soup Du Jourcup 4.00
bowl 7.00

honey mustard, bleu cheese, italian vinaigrette, creamy italian, greek feta vinaigrette, thousand island, buttermilk ranch, no-fat cranberry vinaigrette

Caesar small 6.00 large 9.00
chopped romaine, parmesan and croutons

Spinach small 6.00 large 9.00
baby spinach, red onion, dried cranberries, bacon, and roasted pecans topped with crumbled bleu cheese

Wedge Salad 9.00
Crisp quartered head of iceberg lettuce drizzled with our housemade blue cheese dressing, crumbled bacon and tomatoes

Shrimp and Avocado 14.00
shrimp and celery in a creamy lemon mayonnaise atop a bed of lettuce with avocado, hard boiled egg, and roasted tomato

Chunky Chicken 13.00
sumptuous chunks of chicken with celery in a lemon mayonnaise, topped with toasted almonds and our own poppyseed dressing

Salad Add Ons:
grilled chicken 4.00

grilled shrimp, fried shrimp 6.00

panné veal 5.00

Chicken Cobb 15.00
Tender grilled chicken breast, crispy bacon, tomatoes, crumbled bleu cheese, avocado and boiled egg

Insalata De La Casa 15.00
Blend of our house greeens, diced cucumbers and tomatoes, bacon crumbles, red onion tossed with Golden Panneed Chicken breast and Ranch Dressing

Pastas and Italian
entrées served with dinner salad or a cup of soup of the day

Veal & Eggplant Parmigiana 18.00
tender cuts of paneed veal crowned with golden fried eggplant, Italian red gravy, mozzarella, and parmesan; served with spaghetti

Eggplant Parmigiana 15.00
pan fried eggplant layered and topped with Italian red gravy, mozzarella, and parmesan baked until bubbly; served with spaghetti

Shrimp Parmigiana 18.00
succulent jumbo Gulf shrimp encrusted in Italian breadcrumbs, fried, and topped with Italian red gravy and mozzarella; served with spaghetti

Chicken Parmigiana 16.00
paneed breast of chicken topped with Italian red gravy, mozzarella, and parmesan; served with spaghetti

Panné White Veal 17.00
served with fettucini alfredo 19.00
Panné White Veal
two pieces of tender white veal breaded in our special seasoned breadcrumbs and fried to golden brown, served with spaghetti and Italian red gravy

Spaghetti and Meatballs 14.00
Josie Riccobono’s famous Italian red gravy

Chicken Panné and Fettucini 16.00
tender chicken breast breaded in our special seasoned breadcrumbs and fried to golden brown; served with fettucini alfredo

Cannelloni & Panne Veal 20.00
Tender white veal breaded in our special seasoned breadcrumbs with two crepes filled with chicken, fresh spinach, ricotta and parmesan cheeses, topped with bechamel and tomato sauce

Chicken Positano 20.00
Tender chicken breast seasoned with Italian herbs and spices, sautéed in olive oil with roasted garlic tomatoes, topped with fresh mozzarella and served with spaghetti bordelaise (*sub vegetable du jour)

entrées served with dinner salad or a cup of soup of the day

Fish of the Day Meuniere Market
pan sautéed and covered in a rich brown lemon butter sauce; served with brabant potatoes

Fish of the Day Almondine Market
golden fried and topped with toasted almonds, lemon butter and parsley; served with brabant potatoes

Fried Catfish with Merliton and Shrimp Stuffing Casserole 19.00
golden fried catfish alongside delicious merliton and shrimp stuffing; served with brabant potatoes

Stuffed Merliton 16.00
vine ripened merliton stuffed with Gulf shrimp and creole dressing; served with brabant potatoes

Seafood Platter 29.00
Fried shrimp, oysters, catfish and crawfish boulettes with stuffed crab

Fried Soft Shell Crab Almondine or Meuniere
seasonal market price

Fried Shrimp Plate18.00

Fried Catfish Plate 17.00

Riccobono Family Favorites
entrées served with dinner salad or a cup of soup of the day

Veal Josephine 24.00
delicate baby white veal gently pan sautéed, graced with lump crabmeat and shrimp, topped with bearnaise; served with brabant potatoes

Chicken 18.00 Veal 19.00
Piccata butterflied breast of chicken, cooked in a sauce of lemon, olive oil, butter and white wine; served with capellini pasta

Shrimp Creole 16.00
a New Orleans classic, succulent shrimp cooked in a hearty sauce of tomato, bell pepper, celery, and onion, served over rice

Eggplant Madelaine 15.00
an homage to our Sicilian roots. Tender slices of eggplant pan fried, layered with sweet stewed roma tomatoes and pecorino romano cheese, baked until bubbly; served with spaghetti

16 Hour Slow Cooked Brisket 18.00
Served with with Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Veal Sorentino 18.00
Tender White Veal pan sauteed topped with Pancetta and Fresh Mozzarella laced with a mushroom red wine sauce and served with Spaghetti Bordelaise

Beef Daube & Spaghetti 18.00

Riccobono Trinity 23.00
The very best of our favorites. Eggplant madelaine, panné veal and cannelloni

Chicken with Artichoke Hearts & Mushrooms 16.00
Tender chicken breast gently grilled and topped with artichoke hearts and mushrooms topped with a delicate white wine butter sauce, served with fresh vegetables du jour

Panné Oysters With Spaghetti Bordelaise 26.00

From The Grill
entrées served with dinner salad or a cup of soup of the day

Filet Mignon 35.00
8 oz. cut from the heart of the tenderloin; served with a choice of stuffed or baked potato

Liver and Onions 13.00
charbroiled, topped with sautéed onions and mushrooms; served with mashed potatoes

Peppermill Burger 14.00
add bacon 1.00 add avocado 2.00
fresh ground chuck cooked to your liking, topped with your choice of cheddar, crumbled bleu cheese or American; dressed with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo served with French fries

Grilled Shrimp with Citrus Beurre Blanc 19.00
lightly dusted with our very own blend of seasonings, topped with a delicate citrus beurre blanc and served with vegetable du jur

Grilled Amberjack topped with Shrimp Bordelaise 20.00
lightly dusted with our very own blend of spices topped with delicate jewels of the Gulf and finished with a garlic butter sauce... Served with vegetable du jur

Creole Grilled Catfish 17.00
lightly dusted with our very own blend of Creole Spices and served with Almond Rice

Pesto Grilled Chicken Breast 16.00
lightly basted with our very own Pesto Sauce, topped with roasted garlic tomatoes and served with vegetable du jur


Baked Macaroni and Cheese 5.00
Eggplant Madelaine 6.00
Sauté Spinach with Olive Oil and Fresh Garlic 6.00
Creamed Spinach 5.00
Spaghetti Bordelaise 5.00
Spaghetti with Italian Red Gravy 5.00
Fettucini Alfredo 6.00
Meatball 3.95

Roasted Broccoli with Romano Cheese and Garlic Butter 5.00

Merliton and Shrimp Stuffing Casserole 6.00

Lunch Specials
served 11:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

Panné Veal 13.00
with Spaghetti and Italian Red Gravy (one piece)

Chicken Panné 13.00
with Fettuccine Alfredo (one piece)

Shrimp Creole 13.00
with Steamed Rice

Panné Pork Chop 12.00
with Mashed Potatoes

Liver and Onions 12.00
with Mashed Potatoes

Red Beans & RiceWith Sausage 12.00 |
With Pork Chop 14.00

Children's Choice
under 10 years old

Spaghetti and Meatballs 8.00

Breaded Veal 8.00
Served with pasta

Fried Catfish or Shrimp 9.00
served with fries

Chicken Tenders 7.00
served with fries

Child's Sundae 5.00
Vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and a cherry

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