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Panama City Beach Winery – Panama City Beach

Premium 100% real fruit wines, without additional sugars or added flavorings. Complimentary wine tastings each day! No reservation is required.

We recommend ordering 3, 6, 9, or 12 bottles of wine at a time to receive the best shipping value. Please review the Shipping Information page for more details.

Our wines are made with 100% real fruit. What’s on the label is what’s in the bottle. There’s no added sugar to the finish, so you will experience a wine that is refreshing and tastes just like your favorite fruit.

Wine Slush Anyone?

We offer 9 flavors of delicious wine slushes. Banana, Coconut, Key Lime, Mango, Orange, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry, Watermelon. All you need is a bottle of the fruit wine, a bottle of the slush mix in the same flavor, and water!!! You will have an amazing frozen drink for the beach or anytime you need to bring back beach memories!

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Sample Wine List
Menu and prices subject to change

Banana (Florida Banana) $20.99
Banana Wine is made with 100% from bananas! Absolutely tremendous with scallops, tilapia, pork loin. Pour it on top of our Coconut Wine Slush and have a cruise ship drink!

Blackberry Dry (Black Gold) $24.99
A premium dry blackberry wine. If you love cabernets, our Blackberry Dry will most likely be your favorite choice. Try with cheese, pasta, Italian or almost any meal!

Blackberry Semi-Sweet (Black Gold) $24.99
We believe this is the best semi-sweet blackberry wine that you will ever taste! This wine is full of flavor and will go great with cheese, pasta, Italian meal, or by itself!

Blackberry Dry $23.99

Blueberry Blue Semi-Sweet $23.99
Made with 100% Florida blueberries.
Blueberries are high in fiber, Vitamin C and K. It's a healthy little berry!

Cherry Red $19.99
Cherry Red Wine. Not to dry and not to sweet. Serve with steak, roast beef, burgers, or dessert and you will get great reviews.
Open a bottle and enjoy with your favorite chocolate!

Coconut - Coco Polada (Orange, Pineapple, Coconut) $20.99
Coco Polada Wine - Orange, pineapple, coconut wine. If you love Pina Coladas and a sunset, this one is for you. We refer to this wine as our Coconut wine.

Cranberry Wine $24.99
Cranberry Wine - Holiday dinner is not complete without the crisp, fresh flavor of our cranberry wine. Enhance your turkey dinner like never before. It's also delicious with chicken salad.
Made with 10 pounds of crushed cranberries.

Grapefruit (Florida Grapefruit) $18.99
Florida Grapefruit Wine is made with 100% Florida pink grapefruit juice. This light, refreshing table wine is the perfect compliment to seafood and salad.

Guava (Mamma Guava) $20.99
Guava Wine - A great tropical companion to Florida seafood, Mamma Guava is an adventurous taste of pears, strawberries, and pineapple with a lemon twist. It makes food flavors explode! Gold Medal - Indiana International Wine Competition.

Honey (Orange Blossom Honey) $20.99
The sweetest and best tasting mead in all of Florida. Made with Florida's orange blossom honey. You'll be buzzing with excitement.

Honeydew Hideout $21.99
The aroma has floral notes and is sweet and buttery at the same time. It is a refreshing wine.

Key Lime (Key Limen) $21.99
Nothing says Florida more than Key Lime. Close your eyes, sip, and you will believe that you have been transported to a dock in Key West on a balmy summer afternoon. If you like Margaritas, you will love this wine.
Key Limen wine is perfect with seafood!

Kiwi (King Kiwi) $20.99
If you like the taste of fresh Kiwi, this wine is for you. It appeals to both the sweet and dry wine drinkers. Made from 100% kiwi fruit, this wine pairs well with Florida seafood or entrees with heavy cream components.

Mango (Mango Mamma) $21.99
Mango Mamma is made exclusively from a single variety of mangos, chosen because it captured the undeniably natural aroma and taste of fresh Florida mangoes. This exotic, tropical wine strikes your palate with its crisp and intense flavor, then leaves you with a long, juicy mango finish.
Delicious by itself, it also pairs with spicy and slightly sweet Thai dishes, chili crusted fish or mild cheeses. Winner of a Best of Show and several Double Gold medals.
Gold Medal - Florida State Fair. Gold Medal - Indiana International Wine Competition. Best of Show - Wines of the South Competition. Epcot International Food and Wine Festival Selection 2004-2013.

Muscadine Grape $22.99
Our Vintner's Reserve is a semi-sweet wine. A dark red wine that radiates taste and aroma. Created with the juice of fresh squeezed Florida Nobel Muscadine grapes. It's our only grape wine!

Orange Chocolate $19.99
Cocoa Beach Wine - Taking our specialty orange juice, we add the world's best, richest chocolate, turning this wine into a spectacular pairing with cheesecake.

Orange Coffee (Midnight Sun) $19.99
If you like fresh-squeezed orange juice, and enjoy a well-brewed cup of coffee, you’ll love Midnight Sun. We took our delightful “Orange Sunshine” wine and aged it carefully with aromatic fresh roasted coffee beans to create this amazing wine for your sipping pleasure. Awards: Silver Medal – Indiana International Wine Competition. Florida wine made with 100% real fruit!

Orange Sunshine Dry $17.99
It's the real thing, direct from the Florida Sunshine Tree. Our wine is made with pure 100% fresh-squeezed Florida Orange juice. A wonderful wine with seafood, poultry, pizza ad desserts.

Passion Fruit (Florida Fever) $20.99
An exotic flavor created from Florida's finest passion fruit juice. Tart and flavorful, this wine will enhance any meal. Great outside or along the beach. It is a customer favorite.

Peach (White Gold) $20.99
White Gold Peach Wine - A true Southern delight. You can almost taste the peach blossoms. Great with barbecue! Florida wine made with 100% real fruit!

Pineapple (Sunset Pineapple) $20.99
Catch the tropical flavor of the Hawaiian islands and stimulate your taste buds like nothing you've ever experienced. Wonderful fruit salad base and a treat with ham. A wine for the sweet wine lovers!

Red Raspberry Elegante $23.99
Add a special touch to any occasion. Amazing with dark chocolate, and the imagination should go wild with recipe ideas. The perfect Valentine's Day wine.

Sangria - Hurricane Class 5 $22.99
Hurricane Class 5 Sangria is a white sangria derived from a blend of our Key Lime, Mango, Passion Fruit, Pineapple and Watermelon wines. This is definitely a wine to drink at sunset or anytime you want a refreshing wine. It is #1 based on our customer's favorites!

Sangria (St. Pete's Red Sangria) $27.99
Grape, Blueberry, Cherry, Blackberry, Red Raspberry and a touch of Brandy for a very smooth 13% ABV. This exotic wine will splash your pallet and remind you of all things Florida.

Strawberry Blush $20.99
Florida strawberries never tasted so good! Great with salads, sandwiches and dessert. A real surprise when served with spaghetti (hmmm).

Tangerine (Tangier) $17.99
A specialty wine for our tangerine lovers. Powerful bouquet with more honey, citrus, and flowers than any hive in the grove, reports the St. Petersburg Times Food Critic. Great with Sushi.

Tomato (Hot Sun) $20.99
If you like Bloody Mary's, you will like our Hot Sun wine. It goes great with oysters and Mexican food.

Watermelon (Juicy Melon) $17.99
Bring back the lazy days of summer with this wonderfully light, sweet watermelon wine. Its our peach wine, blended with natural watermelon flavors.

Sparkling Wines

Blueberry Blue $29.99

Cranberry $29.99

Key Lime $29.99

Mango Mamma $29.99

Passion Fruit 29.99

Fortified Wines

Strawberry Cream Sherry 34.99

Larry & Kay's Black and Blue Port 45.99

Chocolate Raspberry Port 45.99

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