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Bao & Noodle – New Orleans

Bao & Noodle is a casual Chinese cuisine restaurant located in the Marigny. Free delivery to
Marigny and Bywater

We are B.Y.O.B, no corkage

Boa and Noodle Menu
Prices and items subject to change

Scallion Pancakes 5
Pan fried crispy and chewy pancake with layers of scallion and sesame w/ chinkiang vinegar and soy sauce

Scallion Bun W/Pork Floss (Rousong Bao) 5
Soft and sweet milk dough stuffed with scallions and fluffy pork floss. Topped with scallion mayo and more fluffy pork floss

Strange Flavor Peanuts 2
Salty sweet caramel peanuts w/dried chilis and Sichuan pepper

Fried Steamed Bao 5
Crispy on one side and pillowy on the other steamed dough stuffed with ground pork, ginger, garlic and Chinese chives with Chinkiang vinegar and soy sauce

Seasonal Veg 5
Changes often, but always vegetarian

Steamed Vegan Bao 5
Pillowy white dough filled with mung beans, mock duck and yellow curry

Burmese Tea Salad 5
Green tea leaves, shredded cabbage, herbs, sunflower and sesame seeds, peanuts and fried garlic

Beef Soup w/ rice noodle and greens 13
Thick and chewy rice noodle, braised beef, star anise, shiitake, local greens

Ma Po Tofu 13 (spicy)
Soft tofu and pork with spicy chili broadbean paste and fermented black soy beans, served with rice

Tea Eggs 10
Chicken eggs slow cooked for hours in a tea of star anise, cinnamon, soy sauce, jasmine and black tea with steamed greens and rice.

Dan Dan Noodle w/Pork 10 (spicy)
Chewy housemade wheat noodle with chili sesame paste, Sichuan pepper, ground pork and pickled mustard

Shrimp w/egg noodle and XO sauce 14
Louisiana shrimp with garlic, rice wine, egg noodle and house made XO sauce.
XO sauce: condiment made from garlic, shallot, scallops, shrimp, country ham, chilis and shrimp roe. Pungent and spicy

Cumin Braised Lamb w/Biang Biang Noodle 13
Lamb shoulder braised in soy sauce, cumin, chili flake and garlic. Shredded and tossed w/ hand ripped noodles, carrot, cilantro and radish

Mixed Sauce Noodle 10 (vegan, spicy)
Thin wheat noodles in spicy-numbing sesame and chili sauce with peanuts, fermented veggies and sweet bean paste

Tea Smoked Duck 16 (gluten free)
Duck breast smoked over jasmine tea with marinated cucumber and radishes served with rice

Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup 10

Steamed chicken, thin wheat noodle, greens and house made spicy chili oil

Slow Cooked Pork Shank( Hongshao Zhu Ti Pang) 12

Home Place Pastures pork shank, slow cooked in dark soy sauce and rice wine, served with greens and rice

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