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Ford’s Filling Station – Culver City – Closed

Ford’s Filling Station is an innovative American gastropub. We provide a welcoming atmosphere in an unpretentious room that endures as a subtle background for amazing food and wine. It’s a classic space centrally located to the community and surrounded by theaters, movie studios and galleries.

Gastropubs revel in what is unexpected and being a little better than expected is an intrigue part of the gastropub experience. This cognitive approach has helped broaden our concept and draw those people most interested in the art of the restaurant and great food.

The original British gastropubs were unfettered by culinary categories and cheerfully served whatever they desired; British, French, Italian, Indian, even American cuisine, in a welcoming atmosphere. The gastropub is a concept with a lot of freedom, plain and simple, and as such is open to interpretation. Without the traditional pubs and their rich history, the U.S. can only import the idea behind it, but that’s appealing enough because in truly American style, it’s the freedom we as creative people are after.

In 2006, we opened Ford’s Filling Station in Culver City, aiming for a similar combination of a comfortable pub-like attitude that serves exciting, seasonal food. We came with the intention of creating a concept for the people of the community. Ford’s Filling Station is designed to be casual, open and familiar, the room is full of artifacts from Chef Ben’s life, his books are on the shelves, and his music plays on the stereo. It’s a soulful space, a place of substance to come and revive the senses and refuel the mind, body and sprit. The “Filling Station” metaphor and our slogan “Fuel No Gas” are representative of a place to come to fill up on all the good things in life.

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