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Kinfolks Bar-B-Q – Fort Walton Beach

Welcome to Kinfolks BBQ located in Fort Walton Beach, FL. The reason we call our place Kinfolks is simple; We are just an old bunch of Kinfolks. Now we don’t claim to have the best Bar B Q, as Paw would say, “That’s being pigheaded.” Paw also said, “He just ain’t found nun better.”

“Now folks, all our sauce is homemade, and we hope you will take a liking to it. Now read on a little and we will explain how we serve our BBQ on a sandwich and plate. Our sliced Pork and Beef are always cut two ways. We slice it whole for a sandwich and kinda cube it for you on a plate. This way you can eat it faster…saves a knife too! Our Chipped Pork is chopped up and cooked in our delicious sauce. This takes less chewing and you can eat it faster than our sliced Pork.”

Kinfolks BBQ Fort Walton Beach Menu
Menu and prices subject to change


*All sandwiches and dinners are served with sauce on it.
(*Lettuce & Tomato or Jalapeños 0.35 extra and Chili or Cheese 0.50 extra)

Sliced or Chipped Pork 4.50

Large Sliced or Chipped Pork 5.25

Sliced or Chipped Beef. 4.95

Large Sliced or Chipped Beef 5.75

Mini- Chipped Pork (These little critters are good!) 4.99

A Bar-B-Q Chicken Sandwich 4.50

Large Bar-B-Q Chicken Sandwich 5.15

Rib Sandwich 4.99
(Bones included. You kind of have to eat this any way you can!)

Hot Dog 2.99

Slaw Dog 3.50

Chili Dog 3.50

Chili Slaw Dog 3.99

Chili Cheese Dog 3.99

Smoked Sausage Dog 5.75

Peanut Butter Jelly 2.25

All dinners are served with two side items of your choice:
French Fries, Homestyle Brunswick Stew, Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Potato Salad and Bread

Sliced or Chipped Pork 8.50

Sliced or Chipped Beef 9.25

Bar-B-Q Rib Dinner 10.99

2 Piece Chicken Dinner 6.99
(Leg and Thigh or Breast and Wing)

Bar-B-Q Chicken Dinner 9.00
(Half Chicken)

All White Chicken Dinner 9.99

Bar-B-Q Feast 22.00
(Pork, Beef, Chicken, Ribs, Stew, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Coleslaw)

Combo Dinners
*All sandwiches and dinners are served with sauce on it.

Sliced and Chipped Pork 8.50

Sliced or Chipped Pork and Beef 9.25

Sliced or Chipped Pork and Rib 9.25

Sliced Beef and Ribs 9.50

Chicken and Pork 8.50

Chicken and Beef 9.00

Chicken and Ribs 10.99


Garden Green Salad 3.50

Bar-B-Q Salad: Chicken, Pork or Beef 8.50

Family Pack
*All sandwiches and dinners are served with sauce on it

Folks, you get a pound of meat, your choice of two side items (pint size) homestyle brunswick stew, baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, tangy Bar-B-Q slaw
(recommended for 3 people)

All this plus a pleasant smile just 24.00
You also get 6 bun or 6 slices of bread and a half pint of mild sauce (extra charge for hot sauce or sweet sauce)

Meat By The Pound

Sliced or Chipped Pork 13.50

Sliced Beef 14.50

Bar-B-Q Ribs 14.50

Half Chicken 6.50

Chipped Chicken 12.00

Whole Chicken 11.50

***Delicious Beer Battered Onion Rings 4.50

Half Order 2.50 Large Chili Cheese Fry 4.50

Small Chili Cheese Fry 3.75

Side Orders

French Fries (Regular 2.25) (Large 3.00)

Homestyle Brunswick Stew
¼ Pint 2.00
½ Pint 3.50
1 Pint 6.50
1 Gallon 26.00

Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Coleslaw
¼ Pint 2.00
½ Pint 3.50
1 Pint 6.50
1 Gallon 24.00


Chocolate Pie 3.50

Key Lime Pie 3.50

Coconut Pie 3.50

Pecan Pie 3.50

Peanut Butter Pie 3.50

Kiddie Folk Menu

All items below are served with french fries or potato
chips and a 12 ounce drink

Hotdog 3.99

Chicken Leg or Thigh 3.99

Mini Sandwich 3.99
(Choice of Pork Beef or Chicken)

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