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Kyma – Atlanta

Kyma is a contemporary seafood tavern with an inventive yet approachable menu that is true to its Mediterranean origins. Kyma’s dazzling constellation display on the deep blue ceiling, white marble columns, and bold fresh fish display are dramatic while the inviting patio offers an ideal setting for savoring a glass of Greek wine. Fresh, healthy food, attentive Mediterranean hospitality and festive atmosphere await at Kyma.



Menu and prices subject to change

Traditional Greek Spreads
Served with Grilled Pita, Great to Share with Cocktails
Vegan-Vegetarian Menu Available Upon Request

 spreads meze

yogurt spread with cucumber, garlic and dill “tzatziki” 5.

red pepper-feta
roasted red pepper puree with feta cheese “htipiti” 5.

potato puree with garlic, olive oil and chives “skordalia” 5.

grilled eggplant puree with yogurt and walnuts “melitzanosalata” 5.
assortment of all 4 spreads 14. additional grilled pita 5.

vegetarian meze

grape leaves stuffed with bulgur, tomato and mint, cumin yogurt 9.

giant white beans
kastorian white bean stew with tomato, onions and dill “gigandes plaki” 7.

eggplant stew
layers of caramelized eggplant baked with caramelized onions and tomato 8.

zucchini fritters
tempura fried zucchini, feta and mint, saffron yogurt 9.

cheese “saganaki”
sautéed graviera cheese with ouzo, lemon and Chef Pano’s olive oil 10.

seafood meze

stone crab claw
Key West, Florida, jumbo claws with crab mustard sauce mkt

tuna tartare
ahi tuna tartare over wild mushrooms “a la grecque”, shredded filo tuile 16.

roasted oysters
Greek style champagne emulsion “avgolemono” (4pcs) 16.

calamari “pasta”
thin sliced calamari sautéed with zucchini, olives and capers, saffron yogurt 12.

signature octopus
oak-wood grilled with marinated onions, olives and capers 21.

steamed mussels
with feta cheese, Vidalia onions, fresh herbs and ouzo “Constantinople” 14.

scallop Santorini
seared scallops over a puree of yellow split peas from Santorini, capers 12.

lobster morsels
pappou Pano’s crispy lobster morsels, Greek honey mustard 18.

filo pastry meze

spinach pie triangles with melted leeks and feta, crisped in flaky filo (4pcs) 11.

cheese “kataifi”
kaseri cheese and wild mushrooms baked in a shredded filo 13.

spicy lamb pie
braised leg of lamb baked in country filo with arugula-olive salad and yogurt 14.

meat meze

veal sweetbreads
sautéed with butternut squash, chestnuts and truffle, sourdough toast 13.

lamb “youvetsi”
braised lamb cheeks with orzo pasta, tomato and grated mizithra cheese 14.

Chef Pano Tasting Dinners
Experience traditional Greek dining by sharing one of the following three options

Each tasting is designed for the entire table to share

meze dinner tasting per person 39.
share a complimentary assortment of all four spreads
choose and share a selection of five meze appetizers
• stone crab, octopus and lobster morsels - 5. supplement per person

meze dinner tasting and specialty entrée tasting per person 44.
share a complimentary assortment of all four spreads
choose and share any three meze appetizers
choose and share one of the entrée specialties split in half per person
• beef ribeye - 10. supplement per person

meze dinner tasting and whole fish tasting per person 49.
share a complimentary assortment of all four spreads
choose and share any three meze appetizers
choose and share one of the whole fish varieties, half a pound per person
• dover sole - 10. supplement per person

seafood specialties

skate fish “fakies”
pan roasted served over beluga lentils, root vegetables, lentil emulsion 24.

salmon “souvlaki”
skewered and sautéed with golden quinoa salad, arugula coulis 26.

trout “yemista”
stuffed with traditional spinach-rice and grilled, tomato, capers, scallions 27.

prawns “saganaki”
giant prawns braised in tomato sauce with ouzo and feta 32.

snapper “briam”
pan roasted over caramelized eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes 34.

Pasta Specialties
All of our pastas are handmade daily.

clam pasta
manila clams, linguini pasta, white wine garlic emulsion, “Lefkatha” 26.

crab pasta
jumbo lump crab, spaghetti pasta, tomato, garlic, basil crumbs, “Syphnos” 28.

lobster pasta
grilled and presented 1lb nova scotia lobster, fettuccini pasta, tomato, lemon, chili flake, “Athens” 34.

about our whole fresh fish…
Kyma specializes in the Greek technique of wood grilling & basting whole fish with olive oil and lemon.
All whole fish are served with Greek extra virgin olive oil lemon, Santorini capers and Tuscan kale.

When ordering whole fish, we recommend approximately ¾lb. to 1lb. per person.
We encourage you to pick out your whole fish from our display.
Once cooked, our chefs will fillet your fish for your enjoyment.

whole grilled fish, 40 per lb

tsipoura (porgy family) Greece. full flavor, semi firm, flaky

lavraki (bass family) Greece. mild flavor, tender, delicate

skate fish (ray fish) Maine. pan roasted - medium flavor, tender, delicate

arctic char (salmon family) Iceland. medium flavor, tender, delicate

red snapper (porgy family) Florida. full flavor, semi firm, flaky

dover sole (flat fish) Holland. pan roasted - medium flavor, firm, dense (mkt price)

whole fish specialties

royal dorade “klimatofila” for one 44.
wrapped in grape leaves with lemon, thyme and bay leaf and cooked on rock salt.
served with a side of baby beets and coriander.

arctic char “unilateral” for two, 14 ounce filet 48.
side of arctic char, wood grilled, cooked from the bottom up, presenting the
temperature of the fish on top of the filet. we recommend a temperature of medium.

salt crusted European sea bass “lavraki” for two per person 44.
whole lavraki baked in salt. served with Tuscan kale, lemon vinaigrette.

sides meze

gold quinoa salad
Greek olive oil, lemon juice, preserved lemon, pine nuts, scallions 7.

brussel sprouts
lightly caramelized, carrot, leeks, olive oil, lemon, chives 8.

giant white beans
Kastorian white bean stew, tomato, onions, dill “gigandes plaki” 7.

eggplant stew
layers of caramelized eggplant, onions and tomato sauce 8.

greek fries
crisped in olive oil, crushed red pepper, grated kefalotiri cheese 8.
lemon potatoes fingerling potatoes, lemon vinaigrette, fleur de sel, chives 7.

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs, may increase
your risk of food borne illness

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